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Gum Disease Treatment

At Exeter Advanced Dentistry we can help you to establish the most effective oral routine for your needs. We can teach you the brushing techniques that work best and show you how to recognise the early signs of gum disease.

How it works?

Much of our gum treatment is carried out by our dental hygienist in a welcoming and relaxed environment. Our hygienist is qualified and experienced in the latest procedures and industry developments. Part of the hygienist’s role is to advise and educate patients on the best way to help keep the mouth in optimum health after leaving the treatment room.

The hygienist will start out by looking at the teeth and surrounding gum tissue. Gum disease treatment will always include professional cleaning of the teeth in as gentle a way as possible using modern equipment and techniques. This vital process will clean the teeth and remove traces of bacteria and calculus. We always do our best to make the treatment as comfortable as possible but some people may experience mild discomfort when treatment extends to the area below the gum margin. To prevent this, we can use an anesthetic.

Following initial treatment to stabilize the condition many patients will benefit from regular maintenance appointments to keep bacteria from re-forming. To maximize the chances of success, education and ongoing care are essential. The hygienist will offer advice on brushing and flossing techniques and create an oral health plan personalized to individual requirements.

When would we recommend gum disease treatment?

Wherever we see signs of gum disease, we shall inform you at what level you are affected so that we can formulate an appropriate treatment plan. Unless gum disease is identified, treatment can become more complicated and will require more appointments, this is why we prefer to treat gum disease early so that tooth loss is prevented or minimised.

A number of factors contribute to gum disease, including smoking, diabetes, certain medication, a weakened immune system and stress. The risk is also increased if someone in the family suffers from gum disease. When any of these factors apply, we pay particular attention to hygiene treatment at routine dental appointments.

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