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We do everything we can to help our patients hold onto their natural teeth for as long as possible. However, natural teeth don’t always last forever. Sometimes, as a result of an accident, decay or disease, teeth become very painful or it becomes difficult to chew. If this is the case, replacing the affected teeth with cosmetic dentures can make the world of difference in terms of comfort and appearance.
Dentures are a versatile, flexible solution to tooth loss and recent technological advances mean that today’s dentures look and feel better than ever before. We believe there’s no reason why they cannot look every bit as convincing as natural teeth.


How does it work?

Dentures are a flexible solution that can be used to replace a full arch of teeth. Impressions of the mouth are taken and the replacement teeth formed on a removable arch or palette which sit on the gum, hopefully without the need for any adhesive. To replace a smaller number of teeth we can create a partial denture, these can be clipped to natural teeth or implants for improved stability.

At Exeter Advanced Dentistry our dentures are made from the highest quality materials such as advanced acrylics or the stronger cobalt-chromium alloy for maximum comfort and stability. For a full set of dentures we normally match the position, size and colour of natural teeth. Alternatively, we can work with our patients to create a brand new look.

When would we recommend dentures?

Dentures are a solution for those who have lost teeth as a result of an accident, disease or decay or simply as a result of natural wear as our lifespans increase. They offer a natural looking smile and a less intrusive solution than dental implants.

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