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Restorative Dentistry

When we talk about restorative dentistry we mean the art of restoring any damage to the teeth and mouth, and returning it to a natural, healthy state. At Exeter Advanced Dentistry we treat the patient, not just the teeth. We aim to maintain the health of teeth so that treatment is kept to a minimum, but when we feel your teeth are in need of intervention we will advise, consult and keep you informed every step of the way. Our restorative treatments centre on three key elements; minimal-invasive procedures, a gentle manner and dental care that is carried out using the highest quality equipment and techniques. This approach is designed to improve the outcomes for all of our patients both in the short term – by minimizing post-treatment discomfort – as well as maximizing dental health for the long term.


Natural coloured fillings are a fast and cost-effective solution to a range of dental issues

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Commonly made from a strong ceramic material, a crown is a long lasting, natural-looking solution to restore a damaged tooth.

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A bridge is a ceramic tooth created to fill the space caused by tooth loss. . Once in place it can be looked after much like a natural tooth and a well-maintained bridge will last many years.

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Dentures are a versatile, flexible solution to tooth loss and recent technological advances mean that today’s dentures look and feel better than ever before.

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Inlays & Onlays

When restoring a damaged tooth, dental inlays and onlays fall half-way between fillings and crowns. They can be used to repair back teeth that have been fractured or chipped.

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