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Achieving the smile of your dreams is easier and safer than ever with orthodontics. At any age. Without the need for invasive and sometimes damaging techniques, orthodontic treatment will provide beautiful and easier-to-clean teeth and at the same time reduce your risk of future gum disease and decay. Ben Buffham, our Specialist Orthodontist has limited his practice to orthodontics since 2001 and has been recognised by the General Dental Council as a registered specialist since 2003. As a specialist, Ben can provide real expertise, backed up by years of specialist training, so that you are offered all of the available options.


There are a number of tooth straightening options available to you at Exeter Advanced Dentistry. During your consultation our Specialist Orthodontist will advise you on which option will be the most effective to get the result you want. Following completion of your orthodontic treatment we will offer eligible patients complimentary whitening treatment to complete their new smile.
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Clear Fixed Braces

Clear fixed braces are a modern alternative to the traditional metal braces most people picture when they think about braces. Clear braces use translucent brackets instead of the metal ones, these bond to the front of the teeth and have a much more subtle “barely there” appearance. Fixed braces are able to predictably correct the most complex crowding issues and often in the shortest time.


Invisalign is a great way to straighten teeth to produce the perfect smile without the need for wires. It is considered more comfortable and discreet than fixed braces. The teeth are straightened by a series of removable ‘aligners’, which are clear, custom made trays worn throughout the day. They need to be worn for 22 hours a day but can be removed whilst eating, helping this type of treatment fit in with your lifestyle Brushing your teeth to keep them healthy during treatment is much easier than with fixed braces.

Lingual Braces

For most of us, our smile is an important part of how we communicate and feel about ourselves. The thought of wearing braces that people can see can often be too much of a barrier to having treatment and achieving the smile you would like. Lingual braces are fitted behind your teeth and mean you can smile with confidence, knowing your treatment is working but without feeling that other people will be able to see your brace. Consequently, this is often a popular choice for adults.

Rapid Orthodontic Treatments

When there are minor crowding issues, sometimes it is possible to provide a shorter course of orthodontic treatment to ‘realign’ these teeth and create a beautiful smile. This can be done with cosmetic fixed braces or invisible/lingual braces and can be completed as quickly as possible.

Clear Aligners

Without the need for wires, clear aligners can give you perfectly aligned teeth in a shorter time. You can book in to have a consultation with one of our dentists to see if you are a suitable candidate. If you are, the next steps would be to get a 3D scan to create digital images of how your teeth are expected to look a the end of treatment. Once your treatment plan is in place, it’s only a matter of time to gain your new, confident smile.

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