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Zygomatic Implants

We meet many people who have been told they have insufficient bone for implant placement. It is rarely the case that such situations prevent the use of dental implants. Through the use of zygomatic implants, we can use the bones of the cheek to support the implants. For patients with little bone yet needing all upper teeth replacing with an implant-supported restoration, conventional implant treatment can involve bone grafting, increased risk, and treatment may also take up to one year. Zygomatic implants help to avoid these prolonged treatment times and help to reduce risk. With zygomatic implants, we can provide a treatment solution which often allows temporary teeth to be attached to the implants on the day of surgery.

Remarkable survival rates

Zygomatic implants not only avoid complex bone-grafting procedures, they also show remarkable survival rates. A long-term study shows an average implant survival rate of 95.12% after 10 years.
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Before Zygomatic Implants
After Zygomatic Implants
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