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All of our prices are published so you always know exactly what you will be paying. Before any treatment is undertaken, we will provide a written treatment plan with fees clearly outlined, so you can be sure that there will never be any unexpected surprises or hidden extras.

New patient appointments

New Patient Exam (Adult) inc. in mouth X-ray£110.00
New Patient Exam (Child)£53.00
New Patient Hygienist Appointment£97.00
Direct Access Hygienist Appointmentfrom £97.00
Endodontic Consultationfrom £110.00
Aesthetic Consultation£150.00
Dental Implant Consultation£125.00
Oral Surgery Consultation£100.00
Orthodontic Consultation£150.00

Registered Adult Patient Appointments

TreatmentPrivateMembership Scheme Bronze/Silver/Gold
Routine Dental Health Exam£87.50Bronze – 1 per year. Silver & Gold – 2 per year
Routine Hygiene£97.00Bronze – 1 per year. Silver – 2 per year. Gold – 4 per year
Periodontal TherapyFrom £120.00From £108.00
One year Periodontal Therapy Programme£1,500.00£1,350.00
Fillings (adult)£160.00 to £380.00£144.00 to £342.00
Tooth Whitening (take home)£425.00£382.50
Ceramic VeneersFrom £990.00From £891.00
Inlays and onlaysFrom £990.00From £891.00
CrownsFrom £990.00From £891.00
Root canal treatment (anterior/premolar teeth)£770.00£693.00
Root canal treatment (molar teeth)£950.00£855.00
ExtractionsFrom £190.00From £171.00
SedationFrom £375.00From £375.00
Emergency TreatmentFrom £153.00From £137.70
Emergency Treatment (out of hours)From £235.00From £211.50
Partial DenturesFrom £1,075.00From £967.50
Full DenturesFrom £1,675.00 (single arch)From £1,507.50 (single arch)
Dental Implant TreatmentFrom £3,500.00From £3,500.00
All-on-4 (single jaw)From £18,975.00From £18,975.00
Cosmetic Braces£5,000.00 – £6,500.00£5,000.00 – £6,500.00
Invisalign£4,500.00 – £6,000.00£4,500.00 – £6,000.00
Clear Aligners Consultation £150.00£150.00
Clear Aligners 3D Scan £100.00£100.00
Clear Aligners£2055.00 – £3615.00£2055.00 – £3615.00
Lingual Braces (fix behind the teeth)£6,000.00 – £9,000.00£6,000.00 – £9,000.00
Metal Fixed Braces£4,000.00 – £5,500.00£4,000.00 – £5,500.00

Registered Child Patient Appointments

TreatmentPrivateChildren’s Plan(5-9 years)Young Adults Plan(10-17 years)
Routine Dental Health Exam (Child 5-9 years)£39.00IncludedN/A
Routine Dental Health Exam (Child 10-17 years)£53.00N/AIncluded
Filling (Child)From £115.00From £103.50£89.00
Orthodontic reviews prior to treatment for children£90.00 — £100.00£90.00 — £100.00£90.00 — £100.00
Our Membership Plans for under 18s covers 2 examination appointments each year and has many of the benefits of the adult plans.
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