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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy As A Student

May 2, 2019

A lot of the time a chipped tooth can be repaired, without the need for extensive treatments. We suggest seeking treatment as soon as you can as this can prevent any further damage to your teeth. Should you be in pain, then over-the-counter medicines can be taken to help relieve this. Should the pain be extreme you should make this clear to our team and an emergency appointment can be arranged. When it comes to fixing your chipped tooth if only a small piece of enamel is chipped off, our dentists may be able to repair any damage using a bonded tooth coloured filling. This applies to all tooth surfaces whether at the font or on the back teeth.. The procedure is a simple one and we usually won’t have any need to numb the tooth or surrounding gums. A liquid will be applied at first, which will etch the surface of the tooth, allowing the bonding material to stick to it. Following this, an adhesive substance, followed by a resin that matches the natural colour of your tooth will be applied. A bright blue light is then used to harden the resin and ensure that it stays in place.

A simple checkup could spot the signs before its too late.