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Trick Or Treat! The Effects of Sugar On Your Teeth

October 21, 2022

Halloween is just around the corner and while you may already be thinking about pumpkin carving and dressing up, there’s something else to think about too – your teeth. Trick or treating is a fun tradition but it’s likely you’ll end up with a house full of sweet treats for you and your family. While it’s good to treat yourself, it’s important to remember to take good care of your teeth and gums and reduce the impact that sugar has on your oral health.

Sugar and your teeth

It’s a fact that sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. Eating too much sugar could cause a lot of damage to your teeth which is irreversible.  When you eat sugar, the bacteria in your mouth will feed on it, creating a harmful acid. This acid will damage teeth by eating away at the enamel on the outside of your teeth and leaving them vulnerable to further damage, causing tooth decay and cavities. While your saliva helps protect your teeth to an extent, replacing lost minerals to strengthen teeth, it is not enough by itself to protect your teeth from damage, especially if you consume a lot of sugar.

Reducing the impact of sugar on your teeth

Some of the ways you can reduce the impact of sugar on your teeth include:
  • Cut back on the amount of sugar in your diet
  • Avoid added sugar in the food and drink you buy, as well as the food you make at home
  • Practice good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day and using floss and mouthwash to help keep your mouth clean
  • Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups

Some tooth-friendly alternatives this Halloween

If you want to avoid eating too much sugar this Halloween, why not look at some alternatives to sweets and chocolate? You can start by buying fewer treats so that you’re not left with a lot of leftovers at home or looking at sweets using natural sugars. You may also want to look at low-sugar alternatives and even bake some treats with reduced sugar.  Remember to brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day and ensure your children have also brushed their teeth. Have you had a check-up recently with your dentist or hygienist?

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums

It’s important to keep an eye on changes to your teeth and to visit your dentist at the sign of a problem. At Exeter Advanced Dentistry, we provide fillings, hygienist appointments and other treatments or advice that can help reduce the impact of tooth decay and damage to leave you with a healthy-looking smile. For expert dental services in Exeter, contact Exeter Advanced Dentistry today.  

With Halloween around the corner, how can you reduce the impact of sugar on your teeth?